Lusail Towers / 2023

ArchitectFoster and Partners

Spatial form and habitability are mutually interconnected.
Large-scale masterplans contribute to reshape new urban morphologies within a city. So one of the major challenges is to develop a city where all aspects of liveability, sustainability, heritage, identity and culture are integrated as one within the public realm of the city and for its inhabitants.
Lusail Towers are an amalgamation of structural innovation, workplace efficiency, an adaptation to the latest office planning trends, and environmental responsiveness.
Celebrating Lusail as one of the landmark venues for the 2022 Football World Cup, Lusail Towers is a signature project that looks to define the new city’s skyline with a distinctive collection of four high-rise buildings.
Located at one end of the grand boulevard that links the new football stadium to the marina, the two taller towers stand at 70 storeys, while the other two are 50 storeys-high, arranged symmetrically around a central plaza that seeks to complement the existing public spaces in the city.